Tuesday, February 9, 2010

“I’m not a kid, I’m a BIG boy!”

Oh the things kids say. 

We were playing this evening and we tell Ethan, “you are a silly kid.”  His response, “I’m not a kid, I’m a BIIIIIG Boy.” (Big being said in his DEEEEEP voice.)  Then later we were playing catch with his invisible ball and he got mad because Daddy was going to throw it to Mommy, not Ethan.  The nerve of Daddy!

Well, Nyla got her first taste of rice cereal last week.  First time she had it, she ate it all and Brian had to make more. 

Getting ready to eat!

DSC02629 And She wasn’t even that messy!  Eating like a Champ!


“Uh, Dad….I want MOOOORRREE!!”


And Ethan just Loves his sister.  Here he is posing with her!

DSC02639 Have a good President’s day weekend!  (Especially if it is a 3-day weekend for you!)

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