Friday, September 30, 2011


YEAH! So I weighed in at our weekly WW @ work meeting. I was down 1.8! Yippee! That should help kick start my motivation. This week's meeting was about why are you here? and finding an Anchor. Well, when I lost the first time and got to goal/lifetime, my motivation was to be a healthy weight before having kids. Well, now that they are here, my kids are my anchor. They are the reason I started this lifetime journey in 2005, and they are the reason I continue this journey!
My other motivation also includes summiting a 14er next summer! So I need to work towards that!
Alas, the journey continues!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Personal Accomplishment

Well, on the weight loss journey I faced my first big challenge: catered conference.  I had no idea what would be served nor if I would have options.  Well, I tried to eat well before I left home, but was running late.  I did manage to pack a bag of veggies (sugar snap peas) and a homemade roll.  When I arrived they had a breakfast buffet of muffins and sweet breads.  So I thought about passing, until I saw the bowl of fruit!  Yeah!!  I choose a small piece of banana (?) bread, and a BIG plate of fruit! 

At the first break, I got another plate of fruit, plus ate some veggies.  Then came lunch.  I filled half my plate with salad, a quarter with steamed veggies, then some noodles and protein (Chicken Parmesan).  AND I resisted the cookies during the afternoon break! 

I just felt really good about the choices made today.  After dinner, we went for a family walk and chasing the kids! 

I have also discovered that the majority of our favorite/staple dinners really aren’t that bad.  So a couple of big successes today! We shall see if the work pays off on Thursday!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Big Girls & Weight Loss Journey Begins…again

Well, Thursday was a big day for us in a variety of ways. 

Nyla started sleeping in a toddler bed instead of her crib.  Well, it is her crib, just with the one side gone.  Ethan never would sleep like that.  But luckily Nyla seems to be enjoying her new situation.  We are so happy she is transitioning well.  We sure hope this will make traveling better in the future.

Also, I started on my weight loss journey again.  We have a Weight Watchers at Work program that started that day as well.  So, I have 20 pounds to go to get back to goal.  I am going to try to keep blogging about family and this journey.  Pictures may be minimal, but it will be my outlet.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Adventures & Thoughts

Well, we are finally in the new century!  We officially have Skype!  WooHoo!  We have tried it out a couple of times with my Mom and Brother and it sure is fun!  What technology is the world coming to!?!?!

As Gavin keeps growing…I now know why they make Baby’s First Christmas, or Baby’s First Halloween outfits in 18 month sizes!  Gavin’s feet are so big, he has to wear a 12month sleeper and he is barely 7 months old!  How in the world is he in the 35th Percentile…I will never know! Alas, another question I had before becoming a parent has been answered.

Well here is a recent picture from Labor day of how he can roll:

Now you see him


Now you don’t


Any way, he sure is getting so big!  and we promise, his hair just goes like that, we don’t style it that way at all!!

And then, these two are just too cute!!!