Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Personal Accomplishment

Well, on the weight loss journey I faced my first big challenge: catered conference.  I had no idea what would be served nor if I would have options.  Well, I tried to eat well before I left home, but was running late.  I did manage to pack a bag of veggies (sugar snap peas) and a homemade roll.  When I arrived they had a breakfast buffet of muffins and sweet breads.  So I thought about passing, until I saw the bowl of fruit!  Yeah!!  I choose a small piece of banana (?) bread, and a BIG plate of fruit! 

At the first break, I got another plate of fruit, plus ate some veggies.  Then came lunch.  I filled half my plate with salad, a quarter with steamed veggies, then some noodles and protein (Chicken Parmesan).  AND I resisted the cookies during the afternoon break! 

I just felt really good about the choices made today.  After dinner, we went for a family walk and chasing the kids! 

I have also discovered that the majority of our favorite/staple dinners really aren’t that bad.  So a couple of big successes today! We shall see if the work pays off on Thursday!

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