Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Adventures & Thoughts

Well, we are finally in the new century!  We officially have Skype!  WooHoo!  We have tried it out a couple of times with my Mom and Brother and it sure is fun!  What technology is the world coming to!?!?!

As Gavin keeps growing…I now know why they make Baby’s First Christmas, or Baby’s First Halloween outfits in 18 month sizes!  Gavin’s feet are so big, he has to wear a 12month sleeper and he is barely 7 months old!  How in the world is he in the 35th Percentile…I will never know! Alas, another question I had before becoming a parent has been answered.

Well here is a recent picture from Labor day of how he can roll:

Now you see him


Now you don’t


Any way, he sure is getting so big!  and we promise, his hair just goes like that, we don’t style it that way at all!!

And then, these two are just too cute!!!


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