Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gavin 6 Months

We recently had Gavin’s 6 month check up (where in the world has the time gone!!!????).  As most of you know, our older two were always on the skinny side.  However, our Gavin is not quite so small, not big, but definitely bigger than the other 2 were!  Perhaps that is the survival of the fittest.  He needs that extra umph to protect himself against his older sister and brother. 

Well, our baby is up to 16.5 lbs!!! (By the way, Nyla is 22 lbs.) He is in the 35th Percentile for weight and 70th or so for height. 

He is officially mobile as well!  He can roll from point A to point B as he chooses. We love watching him grow.  He can put his knees under him and can get up on his arms, but not yet at the same time.  Once he does, he is off. 

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