Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Kids are Growing up!

In the interest of time, I will update without photos for now...Still gotta download vacation pics then I will talk about that.

Well, Gavin is officially mobile! He rolls from his back to his front and back to his back again! How can that be?!?! Isn't he still my infant! He is growing his personality so much each day. It is fun to watch. He is also REALLY into his big brother and sister. If one is crying all he will do is look for him/her. It is cute!

Nyla is talking more and more. She is a rough and tumble girly girl. She loves her purses and pretty stuff, but also wants to run and get dirty with the older kids! She has a strong independent personality that is flourishing. I can't believe she will be 2 soon!

Ethan starts his second and last year of preschool in 2 weeks! He loves riding his bicycle and entertaining his younger siblings. He has had a couple special days with his Aunt Theresa they went to see Cars2, and then with his Gramma & Papa he got to see Winnie the Pooh! I think he enjoyed those special days!

We had a great time on vacation and I will post more about that later. Just wanted to get something up! In case anyone is actually reading this!

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