Sunday, October 17, 2010

Potty & Walking

Well, I don’t have any new pictures for the week, but I am still going to make a post.  This weekend we decided to work on Ethan’s potty training.  Well, although we have had some times when he wets his underwear…he is doing REALLY well.  Causes some more laundry to do, but hey, we are making progress!!

And Nyla is starting to figure out this walking thing.  She has taken between 4-5 steps multiple times a day!  So we are moving on up.  The kids are growing up and doing so fast!

Today was fun when we had a half hour notice for a showing on the house.  But, we really can’t turn any showing down.  You never know if it is the *right* one or not.  We do know they showed up, because we were just loading up the truck when they got here. 

Well, another week and another post!  No pictures, so I am sorry about that.  Soon…

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Fest!

So, this weekend we got the kids rounded up and headed to the Chatfield Botanical Gardens for their Pumpkin Festival.  The price was right and the value was UNBELIEVABLE!!  We started at the pumpkin patch so Ethan could pick a pumpkin for school.  Ops, didn’t get a picture of the pumpkins he picked…BUT he and Nyla did pose for some pictures

DSC03413DSC03415Then, Ethan and Mom went on a hayride.

DSC03419   Then he got to play some games.

DSC03420 DSC03423 He made a pumpkin face, then got to play in the BUBBLES!!!

DSC03425 We sure had a great time! 

Then my good friend stayed with us for a couple days and brought presents.  Thanks Jenny!

DSC03435Saturday was the perfect weather for the pumpkin fest then Sunday was a true fall rainy day. We had a great weekend! 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nyla is Officially 1!!

WOW!!  It is hard to believe that just over a year ago my little girl was born into this world.  What a great day it was and will forever be!  Our life’s are so much better with her in it.  Her brother loves her so and she worships him.  (not sure how long that will last)

She did have her 1 year check up on Monday.  She is a healthy girl!  Small, but perfect for her.  She is 17 pounds 13 ounces (5th percentile) and 28.5 inches (25th percentile). If she continues on her current growth pattern, she will be 18 months before she can sit forward facing.  Hmm… we will have to figure something out for when her baby brother comes in February!

Yes, if you haven’t heard we are having a baby boy!  No mistaking that from the Ultrasound! 

Now, we just need to find someone to buy this house so we can move onto our next adventure! 

And, since I am being lazy, here are some pics from her birthday celebration with Brian’s family that we had on the 3rd.

Cousin and friend with Ethan.


Cousin EvanDSC03335Cousin Camden and EthanDSC03344

Eating cake with Aunt AmyDSC03351 Camden loves his cousin!DSC03358     Ethan was better than Nyla at opening the presents.DSC03365But everyone had fun playing with the balloons!DSC03381 DSC03384Alas, Ethan loves to help sister try to walk.DSC03275 

(Hey. I am doing pretty good keeping things up to date!!)