Sunday, October 17, 2010

Potty & Walking

Well, I don’t have any new pictures for the week, but I am still going to make a post.  This weekend we decided to work on Ethan’s potty training.  Well, although we have had some times when he wets his underwear…he is doing REALLY well.  Causes some more laundry to do, but hey, we are making progress!!

And Nyla is starting to figure out this walking thing.  She has taken between 4-5 steps multiple times a day!  So we are moving on up.  The kids are growing up and doing so fast!

Today was fun when we had a half hour notice for a showing on the house.  But, we really can’t turn any showing down.  You never know if it is the *right* one or not.  We do know they showed up, because we were just loading up the truck when they got here. 

Well, another week and another post!  No pictures, so I am sorry about that.  Soon…

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