Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Time

Hello to our friends and family!

Some of you may be viewing this site for the first time in awhile.  I hope it finds you well!  Feel free to browse few our last few posts to see what was going on with us earlier this year.

We had a fantastic year and was blessed with many family trips all over!  Including, California (multiple times), Minnesota, Mexico, and many places between here and there.  In June we decided that we would throw our house on the market to see what the Good Lord would provide.  Well, in the process, we discovered that God had another child for us in His plan.  Baby Boy is due in February.  Thus, the search became a bit more urgent.  In the end of October we found our New house.  Things are rapidly moving forward on it, without the current one being sold.  Therefore, the week before Thanksgiving, we put it on the rental market as well.  Including 3 people looking today at the house, we have had 5 people interested thus far.  So, I believe we found the route God had in plan. 

Now we just pray that He continues to bless us with good weather on moving day.  If you are in the Denver area and want to help, we are planning on moving on the 18th of December.  Feel free to shoot me an email (candlepatti@msn.com) for details. 

Brian is still loving staying home with the kids. 

Ethan started pre-school in the end of August and is LOVING it (to put it mildly).  We have been treated to new prayers and Bear Hunts lately. 

Nyla is walking all over now and is starting to talk as well.  I pray they are both big helpers for Mom & Dad when Baby Brother comes along in February.

I am still a Sr Manager working in Benefits & HR systems for the same internet company and all year have been blessed with working from home 4 out of 5 days.  However, I did just hire an assistant so I will be in the office more until she is up to speed. 

Thanksgiving we were blessed to spend with both Brian’s family and my Parents and my Sister.  Mom and Dad got to see the new house!  We had my Aunt and Uncle come down for dinner on Saturday and offered us to use his 24 foot trailer to move!  He brought is down on Sunday and already it is half full!  That is a HUGE help to us and we are SOOOOO grateful for this gift.

Alas, I hope to continue to keep my blog up to date at least twice a month as time allows.  Unfortunately, with the move it may be less often.  And, I am BAD with pictures lately.  So here is one I took with Ethan reading to his sister.


I truly hope you found our site in good health and happiness.  May God be with you and your family this Christmas season. 

Lots of love,

Patti, Brian, Ethan, Nyla, Baby Brother, and Belikan too!!

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