Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 5: Colorado

As I was taking my morning walk today, it was a bit colder than usual: 28.  But I didn't let that stop me!  Besides Belikan would not have been happy if I skipped it!  

As I walked with the sun raising, I couldn't help but notice the beauty surrounding me.  Then I see a whole herd (family, grouping?  Not sure what a herd of deer is called) of deer standing around just on the other side of the street!  I have seen more deer since we moved down to our current house, but their majestic appearance never ceases to amaze me.  As I continued my walk, I realized how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful state.  
A little while later I was rounding another corner and there were 2 HUGE bucks eating right next to the road.  To avoid disturbing them, I swung wide into the street (luckily no cars around at the time).  They looks at me, but then continued on their own path.  

I pray I never take for granted all the beauty around.  I saw many cars drive right by barely seeing the deer.  I hope I never become that complacent with the beauty of this state.  I was unable to get my camera up in time, but believe me, they are amazing animals.  And I am blessed and grateful to live so close to such beauty.  As my Jesuit College tradition taught me: God in all Things.  This truly came out on this beautiful Autumn Morning.

(and since I didn't break out the camera this morning, I will use one that Brian took a couple weeks ago) 

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