Thursday, December 20, 2012

Proud Mommy!

Today I had a proud Mommy Moment!  So I will be bragging on Ethan this time!  We received his MPG scoring (standardized thing) and I glanced at it and I thought he wasn't doing as well as he should be.  BUT, when I read his "report card" he has all Proficient and Advanced.  And for reading, he is reading where they expect him to be at the END of the school year!  So hopefully we can work on pushing him so he is farther along by then!
Also, at Karate, Sensei Lee & Sensei Anita were discussing a goal for Ethan by this time next year with Brian.  They started with...Orange belt for sure.  Then it went to, ahh, he can be a purple belt by then!  WHAT?!?!?! There is a HUGE list of stuff he has to learn before testing for Orange, then I am sure another big list for Purple?!?!?!  BUT if they think he can do it...Here's hoping!  That should help in all areas for him!

And not to be left out, Nyla is getting along VERY well in her class.  She shares and appear so be liked by all.  Even though she is the youngest, she seems to be getting it pretty well! Now, to find a gymnastics class since she is out of pull-ups!

And Gavin is almost speaking in full sentences now!  Plus he can jump and get both feet off the ground!  Not far, but hey, he can still jump! 

Proud Mommy!

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