Wednesday, October 28, 2009

From Leaves to Blizzard

So, I know I promised to try to post more using Blog and I haven’t done so well.  But today is a perfect day to give you all updates.

We enjoyed having my (Patti's) parents here through October 15th or so when they headed back to California.  They were here for her first bath:

DSC05667 To watch Baseball games with Grandma Betty & Papa Bob (while mom & dad went out for dinner!):


Bake Cookies:


And of course, play with Aunt Theresa as well!

DSC05693 Ethan is being a great older brother and helping us with changing Nyla’s diapers and making sure she is happy.  Also, he wants to make sure she doesn’t have 2nd child syndrome and at least once a day says “picture, picture.”  Sometimes at inopportune moments (i.e.. while I am feeding Nyla). 

The other day is was beautiful outside, so we decided it was time to play in the leaves.  Ethan had fun, but we aren’t sure if Dad and Belikan had more fin or not!

DSC02149 DSC02144 Mom did get in on the fun a little bit


Nyla even came out to enjoy it!


Dad & Ethan carved pumpkins yesterday.  Ethan didn’t have as much fun as we hoped, but it was still a good time!

DSC02221 And of course, today proves the true Colorado!

DSC02229 So, we are sitting inside enjoying the fireplace and will likely head back out again after Ethan’s nap.

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  1. LOL - we've had 4 inches of snow already this month too! Glad to see everybody is doing well, and that Ethan is adapting to being a big brother.