Friday, November 6, 2009


We have been having beautiful weather after those 2 feet of snow that fell.  But Ethan really enjoyed playing in the “no” (snow for those that don’t speak Ethan). 


And just to show you, this was our backyard last Thursday (10/29) at around noon.  DSC02234

Anyway, for Halloween we went to the church’s children’s party and had the 2 youngest there.  Unfortunately, Ethan wouldn’t let go of my hand and Dad was holding Nyla so I didn’t get too many pictures.  I did get this one of Ethan with his Bat hat that he made:

DSC02264And I have so many other pictures I want to share, but you can go to the picassa site and check those out right here.

Anyway, here is a picture of the kids in their costumes:


Ethan loves to hold his sister, and for those who didn’t think I would put her in pink, here you go:


So, compare last Thursday, to yesterday.  We were at the park with some friends:

DSC02287 We have been keeping busy and trying to take pictures.  So check out our pictures at the link above.

Thanks for reading!

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