Saturday, September 18, 2010

Trying Again…

Okay, so I know I am bad at this and nobody probably reads this, but hey, I am going to try again!

Ethan has started preschool and is really enjoying going 2 days a week.  He talks about how he “loves pre-school!”  Let’s hope we can keep that up!! Here he is on his first day of school.


Nyla is growing up fast and is close to walking already!  She takes one or two steps occasionally (first ones were towards MOM!!!).  Her words are starting to come as well.  During one of few camping trips, she started with “Hi dad.”  So she is sharing her firsts with Mommy & Daddy.  Here she is with Dad on one of our numerous trips this year!


Yes, we have been the jet setters.  We have been to Mexico; Eureka, California; San Diego, California (this was a driving trip thus everyone between here and there!!); Minnesota and Iowa.  Had great times everywhere, but now looking forward to staying home for a bit.

The last thing we are working on (and I use “last” loosely) is trying to sell our house and buy a new one.  With our third blessing due on Valentine’s Day, we would really like to upgrade our house.  Unfortunately, not the best time to try to sell.  Regardless, our house has gotten a few upgrades and new life to it.  Hopefully someone will find the beauty in it that we found 6 years ago.  (So if you know anyone looking…let us know!!)

I once again am going to try to update this more regularly!  We shall see.  Last is our family picture while on our paradise vacation in Mexico!

0604 - Ana - 01 Photo175

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