Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 2!!

Hey look at me! I am updating again!! Okay, so I will keep trying to do this and if I succeed I will brag more in other places.

Anyway, items I forgot last time:

We went to see Thomas the Train at the Colorado Railroad Museum earlier this month.  Ethan had a great time, but it really wore him out!  Here we are waiting for the train to depart the “station”

DSC03113 I know he doesn’t look too excited, but trust me he was! He also got to pet some animals, play with some trains and listen to a Thomas story.

 DSC03119 DSC03122 DSC03123

But, by the end he was too tired to smile…


This past weekend my parents came into town.  We had a friend’s baby shower and then celebrated Nyla’s first birthday (which we will do again next week with Brian’s family).

It is a good thing we are doing this twice because it took her some time to get used to eating the cake.

 DSC03225 DSC03226 DSC03238 DSC03243DSC03250

And then presents:

DSC03220DSC03260 Here BIG present from Gramma Betty & Papa Bob (Ethan likes playing with it too!):

DSC03274 Alas, I can’t believe she is almost 1!!!

On a separate note, tomorrow we will hopefully find out if #3 is a boy or girl?!?!?!  HMMMMM

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